Tele-medicine done right

Simplified, secure and easy to use telemedicine portal that connects patients to providers


The growing challenges to the healthcare industry is forcing patients and providers to think differently about their relatinoship. At myTeleMed, we are proud to be leaders in medical teleconferencing technologies

Zero Setup

Simplified engagements, immediately connect patients and providers

Cost Effective

Save time and money through instant access

Patient Happiness

Your patients will appreciate real time access to your healthcare providers


Leveraging the full security of Google Cloud to ensure your privacy and protection

Regional Ecosystem

Designed for large organizations, built for sole practitioners. Simple yet powerful

Real Time Dashboards

Manage your facility better with real time information on activities

Connect to the world from your office

The simplicity cannot be overstated. The flexibility and convenience of reaching your patients remotely protects you and your staff while driving patient billing

  • Works on ALL technologies, desktop, tablet, phone.
  • The most secure way to work remotely with patients.
  • Fits seamlessly into your existing procedures.

In addition to self service setup, we have skilled professionals standing by to onboard and get your team moving quickly

Virtual Waiting Rooms

Your time is valuable, and waiting for patients to connect is not cost effective. Virtual waiting rooms allows you to verify your patient is ready to go

Assign doctors to Virtual rooms or schedule doctors to rooms when its time for their consultation.

Simplified Patient Workflow

The team has reduced the patient work to a few simple steps. This saves your patient time and you money

  • Patient calls in to book appointment (standard).
  • Office team schedules appointment (standard).
  • Patient receives confirmation email/SMS.
  • 5 minutes prior to appointment, patient receives reminder email/SMS.
  • Patient joins the waiting room.
  • When available, doctor joins the Virtual room for consultation.
  • When complete, close the room.
  • Rooms are NEVER reused - no chance of mixing patients.

The simplified and secure approach maximizes time with the patient

Run effortlessly from the Cloud

Our Google Cloud based solution ensures maximum uptime and the highest quality of service. Most importantly, this infrastructure is backed by the worlds best CyberSecurity organization.

The everywhere, anytime, always on tele-conferencing capabilities ensure your connection to your patients is always available. This gives them and you peace of mind.

  • Fully HIPPA compliant Google Infrastructure .
  • 24x7 operations monitoring to ensure 99.99% uptime
  • Scalable as your grow your clinic.


The rate of adoption continues to drive our success. The team has simplified the onboarding and running your telemedicine facility.


We have priced our offering to be cost effective to you and your facility


$0per month

  • 1 Facility / 1 room
  • Pay as you go pricing
  • Rates as low as $2.49/minute
  • Email support
  • Multi facility
  • Phone support
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Multi Facility

$1,999per month

  • 20 Facility / 100 rooms
  • Pay as you go pricing
  • 1,000 minutes included/month*
  • Rates as low as $0.19/minute
  • Phone Support
  • SMS notifications
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Frequently Asked Questions

Many clinic are new to telemedicine, and certainly the onset of COVID-19 has forced many to respond quickly. Here are some of the questions we get in relation to our service

  • What is the complexity in setting it up?

    We have designed this system to be very simple and intuitive. Designed for the single practitioner but flexible enough for large multi-facility clinics, this is simple solution that will get your pro-active moving again

  • The entire system leverages one of the most secure organizations in the world, Google. From the website hosting to the telemedicine streaming service, all your information is encrypted in the latest standards and sent through Google's incredibly secure infrastructure.

  • There are 2 models for billing. Low upfront cost but higher per minute charge. This is great for smaller clinics that do not have a consistent flow of patients. For larger clinics, we offer a prepaid model where you get a specified number of minutes at a lower charge. This comes with a monthly free in addition to account setup fee.

  • NO, this system runs completely in modern web browsers, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Edge. Your patients will be asked to allow the website access to their camera, which is naturally required to conduct a video telemedicine session.

  • Absolutely, we have put great effort into ensuring only your patient and the specified consultant (doctor, aid, etc) is permitted into the room. There can only be 2 people in the room at a given time. Therefore privacy is guaranteed.


We pride ourselves in providing outstand service and solutions. Please contact us to get answers to your telemedicine questoins


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